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Executive Director Position

January 30, 2018 by

Grassroots Grantmakers is seeking an Executive Director to lead its national membership of funders, community-based organizations, grassroots leaders, and other who share its values and are committed to the mission reflected in its “We Begin with Residents” motto. Network members are deeply committed to the belief that what everyday people do together in their own communities is the foundation for building and sustaining strong communities. The Executive Director position, which offers a great deal of work flexibility, is currently 20 hours a week.


Grassroots Grantmakers is a membership organization consisting of people, organizations, and institutions united by their commitment to fostering communities that are welcoming, vibrant, resilient, and just. With roots as a philanthropic affinity group originally known as the Neighborhood Small Grants Network, Grassroots Grantmakers has gradually expanded to focus more broadly on building a field of citizen-sector investors and actors among funders, community organizations, and resident leaders. Grantmakers in the network are committed to funding practices that enable them to “walk alongside” citizen/resident leaders with respect and humility. Nonprofit and civic organizations in the network are committed to placing citizen/resident voice at the center of their decision-making. Grassroots Grantmakers is a resource and advocate for place-based community investments that are citizen-centered. Members value the involvement of people who are most directly affected by community conditions and who are best able to decide how to make positive change in their communities. Grassroots Grantmakers would like to strengthen our ability to provide highquality, in-depth training and peer skill development opportunities to funders and institutions working with grassroots community leaders.


  • Direct, manage, and/or develop Grassroots Grantmakers’ program offerings, including webinars
  • Research and thought leadership publications, practice guides and materials, coaching and technical assistance
  • Facilitate peer to peer learning opportunities throughout Grassroots Grantmakers’ network, and between network members and external partners
  • Direct the Grassroots Grantmakers’ signature “On the Ground” learning gatherings, working with an event planning consultant and a national volunteer planning committee to manage event logistics and promotion; develop and deliver pre- and post-event learning activities
  • Serve as Grassroots Grantmakers’ main point of contact for inquiries about grassroots grantmaking theory and practices, and respond to such inquiries both through director’s own content expertise and by referring inquiries to network members
  • Work closely with Grassroots Grantmakers’ Board of Directors and Committee chairs to advance the mission of the organization
  • Manage Grassroots Grantmakers’ budgeting, banking, and other financial affairs
  • Coordinate Grassroots Grantmakers’ efforts to learn about and connect with other regional and national networks and organizations; work with the Board of Directors to identify and develop partnership opportunities
  • Regularly connect with members, both virtually and in-person, to find out what they need, to connect them to one another and to facilitate peer learning
  • Lead Grassroots Grantmakers’ partnerships with peer organizations such as Neighborhood Funders Group and the Funders Network to identify opportunities for joint programming, promotion, and field-building
  • Oversee relationships with and work of outside consultants Fundraising and Communications
  • Sustain and enhance Grassroots Grantmakers’ membership structure by managing annual membership renewals and appeals, managing a membership database, and acknowledging membership contributions towards the goals of retaining current dues-paying members and increasing their level of involvement with and contribution (financial and otherwise) to the network
  • Work with the Board of Directors to attract new members
  • Leverage the “On the Ground” events to cultivate relationships and increase membership
  • Sustain and enhance Grassroots Grantmakers’ highly regarded website by providing regular content additions
  • Manage Grassroots Grantmakers’ social media presence by providing regular updates to the network’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and by publishing periodic e-newsletters Qualifications
  • Passionate commitment to Grassroots Grantmakers’ mission and vision, which is captured in its “We Begin with Residents” motto
  • Proven leadership and relationship management experience
  • Because Grassroots Grantmakers’ paid membership consists largely of foundations and funders, experience in philanthropy is preferred, although leadership in a grassroots community setting that included frequent interaction with funders would be considered an equivalent
  • Strong organizational management experience, including setting and achieving strategic goals, managing and cultivating a board of directors, supervising staff and/or directing consultants, budgeting, and financial management
  • Marketing, public relations, and communications experience, including developing social media materials and campaigns
  • Experience raising funds from foundations and through membership appeals
  • Action-oriented, creative, entrepreneurial, and adaptive, with demonstrated ability to bring fresh approaches to issues and to develop innovative solutions to problems
  • Previous leadership experience within a membership organization is preferred, but not required.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with both members and outside networks.
  • Experience within the “citizen-sector,” enabling the candidate to have a “finger on the pulse” of current developments and best practices, preferred
  • Self-motivated and driven, ability to work independently and with a high degree of integrity while maintaining accountability to a national board that is unlikely to be in the same geographic location
  • The executive director can work from any location, so long as he/she can travel conveniently to in-person meetings and events several times a year.
  • The executive director reports to the board of directors, with more frequent contact with the board chair.

Position Status:

The Executive Director position is currently configured as a part-time (approximately 20 hour per week) employee position, but the Board is open to considering alternative configurations. The position is currently supported by a part-time administrative role. Application Process: Interested applicants should send a cover letter describing in some detail the applicant’s experience working with community leaders, community-based organizations, and funders, along with a résumé, to Grassroots Grantmakers via email to grassroots.grantmakers@gmail.com by the end of business on March 12, 2018.

PDF: Grassroots-Grantmakers-Job-Announcement