We begin with residents

Our Identity Statement

Revised 3/31/15

(mission) We advance our work of strengthening and connecting funders and stakeholders that strengthen and connect everyday people where they live
(impact) and seek to shape grassroots funder practice by lifting up the importance of residents to grantmaking, co-creating and living in an asset-based world, and offering events that bring together residents and grantmakers and that strengthen hosts and participants.
(constituents) We do this by connecting grantmakers, defined broadly, and residents, through their organizations or leaders
(geogr area) in local neighborhoods in the U.S., Canada and beyond,
(programs or services) through On The Ground gatherings, webinars and podcasts, thought/idea/ and resource promotion and relationship building
(mission related impact) and by emphasizing our competitive advantages of

·        Lifting up resident voices in philanthropy among our connections, networks and beyond;

·        Promoting the importance of relationships to building connections and networks

·        Elevating the daily experience of residents to theory using our access to excellent cases and stories

·        Sharing & promoting practice about the grassroots in philanthropy from a “Big Tent” diversity of approaches and

·        A dues-funded budget

(funding sources) We are sustainable by our dues income, our events sponsorships and registrations and the willingness to expand our fundraising efforts at the board and staff levels.