Check out some of the organizations in our network who are making community engagement real.


Apr 27, 2013 by

Welcome to Grassroots Grantmaker’s home office.  We invite you to explore the impressive resource base that has been generated by grassroots grantmaking practitioners over these two decades in the stories, tools and practical insights on resourcing the citizen sector that you will find here.

Please join us in building a learning network of people and organizations who see everyday people and the groups they form for mutual aid and collection action as key to communities that are places of possibility and opportunity for everyone!  You will be joining dozens of people and organizations who are inventing, rediscovering and utilizing ways to support groups of everyday people as community builders and change-makers in the places where they live.

Together we are making the path to more vibrant and resilient communities with everyday people at the center.

As a big tent with a welcome mat out for citizen sector investors of all types – foundations, giving circles, governmental entities, women’s funds, federated giving campaigns, community-based organizations, corporations and individuals – you will find information, connections and inspiration in Grassroots Grantmakers growing community.

Grassroots Grantmakers:

    • Believe that what everyday people do together in their home communities matters;
    • Invest in the citizen sector groups that people form for mutual aid, delight and collective action;
    • Know that it takes everyone to make our communities welcoming, vibrant, resilient and just.